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Building the Team & Providing Employment

Updated: May 11, 2020

With funds we earned in Scotland, Prashant has employed a local team, many of whom were the first batch of prototype learners-makers during the Bihar Project itself. Pawan, Suraj and Rahil are currently doing upcycled metal work, bamboo construction and sustainable water management on site at the Centre.

Through the Centre, these people have stable employment, access to fresh food, and a safe working environment free of discrimination, regardless of religion, caste or class. And some of them may go on to form the first batch of teachers in Stage 3 of the Centre.

Suraj, a story of "reverse migration".

Suraj is a young Bihari whose father migrated to Pune where he was working in a tyre repair shop. In Pune Suraj experienced hardship and got involved in petty crime.

"When Suraj got to know about me and my plan for Bihar, he joined in saying 'If you can return back to Bihar, I can too.'" - Prashant.

Suraj is now working and learning at the Centre full-time, developing not only his hard skills, but also the basics of communication, design and inclusive ethics. 

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