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Inclusive Wellbeing Programs

When crisis hits, the Centre transforms into a central hub for regional responses. Otherwise, we lead workshops with youth and local community to address social issues, and are in the process of planning for Bihar's first animal shelter. In our wellbeing programs we engage regional institutions and mobilise local community in a process of working towards systemic change.

We currently have the following three focus areas:

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Regional initiatives to respond to crises such as floods and currently, impacts of the Covid 19 Virus. Building on-the-ground response teams and collaborating with local volunteers, government and NGO & voluntary sectors to provide basic services to some of Bihar’s most marginalised populations, in doing so building the capacity of civic society for further grassroots self-organising.

See our current work of Covid 19 Relief work HERE.

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Engaging regional community and youth, both of underprivileged backgrounds and middle-class society in workshops, trainings and dialogue around issues including: discrimination based on caste, class, and gender; ecological stewardship; Indigenous cultural identity and self-worth; nonviolence; ethical livelihood; and storytelling.

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We are currently carrying out animal welfare for stray dogs, and plan to create Bihar’s first animal shelter, which in turn will be a site of project-based service-learning for learners at the Centre of Resilience.

2019-2020 Grassroots Flood Relief Work

2021 Inclusive Wellbeing Program Photos

Much of 2021's work in the Inclusive Wellbeing Program has focused on the ongoing Resilient Floating Village Project. This project has enabled us to train learners in structural design and fabrication as they build the floating base structure pictured here that will support the first prototype floating house.

Click here to find out more about the

Resilient Floating Village Project

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