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Are almost entirely local people, mothers, fathers, farmers, some of whom were hired hands during the Bihar Project that built the foundations of the Centre. Others have joined since then. While each person has their area of expertise, we are all learning and together shaping the evolution of the Centre, especially in these first, formative years. 

The different voices within our team help us be more focused on responding to emerging local needs than to a fixed mission statement written in a far-away office.



Kumar Prashant

Lead Director

Operations, Programs, Coordination, On-Site Management.

See Prashant's bio here.

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Ben Reid Howells

International Director

International Communications, Fundraising & Partnerships;

Organisational Management. See Ben's bio here.


Prakhyat Kashyap

Regional Director

Regional Communications & Partnerships. Prakhyat is cofounder of Patna City's CoWorking Studio, one of Bihar's first service-oriented coworking spaces. Prakhyat joined the Centre during the floods of 2019, when he and Prashant collaborated to coordinate regional relief work.


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Rawli Devi 

Lead Farmer

Rawli Devi likes to help others in whatever way she can. She wants to be independent and not take any financial support from her children.

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Kalawati Devi Lead Farmer

Kalawati Devi was taught farming by her father. She’s working to give her grandchildren a better future and to earn personal savings for herself.


Pawan Sahani 

Construction & Design Work

A core member of the 2017-18 Bihar Project, Pawan is skilled in plumbing, civil works, metal fabrication and more, and is learning upcycling and other skills in his work now at the Centre.


Rahil Sarkar 

Reporting &

On-Site Logistics

With a background in managing international hostels, Rahil served as a volunteer coordinator during the Bihar Project, and has now left his work in Calcutta to return full time to the Centre.


Suraj Sharma

Site Management 

Born to Bihari parents living in Pune, Suraj always wanted to return to his native place. When he got the opportunity this year to join the team at the Centre, he took it.


Contact us to become a part of it.


As we grow, we are prioritizing people local to and based in Bihar, so as to build the capacity of the future change-makers of this region. We also collaborate with international volunteers.


We are looking to bring more people into our team , both on-the-ground and remotely, to join us in the following areas:


Management & Administration | Program Design & Facilitation | Communications | Fundraising

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