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Sustainable Living Projects

A project-based learning program that puts hard skills to regional needs relating

to sustainable living, including:

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HOUSING - Designing for climate change.

We are currently beginning prototypes of bamboo stilt housing for low-income areas at risk of flooding. By creating affordable alternatives to housing that can withstand flooding and be built with local materials we are able to build the resilience of those who would otherwise be the first to loose their homes.

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FOOD - Healthy food for the urban poor.


On site at the Centre we are developing models of agriculture that are affordable, regenerate the land and draw on local traditions of food growth, mixed with modern innovations such as vertical gardening and rooftop farming. This aims to make healthy food more accessible to Bihar's increasingly urban population.

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ENERGY & WATER - Planning for future generations.


We are developing sustainable models of water harvesting, treatment and recycling as well as ground-water recharge systems to regenerate Bihar's precious groundwater systems that provide clean water to Bihar's working class families. We are also experimenting with accessible, renewable, scalable energy systems such as rooftop solar.

2021 Sustainable Living Program Photos

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