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Bihar Centre of Resilience UPDATE

Updated: May 11, 2020

Dear readers!

Ben here, writing from Toronto that is increasingly under lock down under Covid 19. Wherever you are, I hope that you are well, resting, with good food and better company--even if it's just your own! These are dark times. But lightness cannot exist without darkness.

If you're receiving this update, it's because you've been a part of our work till now, and since we last sent word, a LOT has happened, thanks to the support of everyone reading this. This update focuses on the work happening at the Centre of Resilience in Bihar, born out of the Bihar Project of the Vasudhaiva Ride. And in a time of increasing gloom, it's a burst of hope.

So please pour a cup of tea, and enjoy. 

Big peace, and love,

- Ben Reid-Howells

In October, 2019, we finished the final project of the Vasudhaiva Ride in Scotland and Prashant returned to Bihar.  “Returning to Bihar has been a strong experience. After witnessing issues around the world, now I see how large-scale the problems are that we face here in Bihar. The community we built during the first stage of the Bihar Project is ready now and I see the strong willpower of local youth who want to work for a better future”

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