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Creating pathways towards a more RESILIENT and REGENERATIVE

future in Bihar, India.

  see what this looks like on the ground... 

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Volunteering at the Centre of Resilience was truly a wonderful experience, from the moment I walked in.
Their genuine passion for their work and dedication to helping others really shone through in everything they did.
"I cannot stress enough how much of a positive impact my visit to the Centre had on me.
Not only did I leave feeling inspired and motivated, but I also gained valuable insights and tools that I can apply in my personal and professional life. I am already looking forward to visiting again in the future. I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking personal or professional development."

United World College Student

"I learned local skills of building houses sustainably with natural resources. Also, I learned how to cut bamboo, weave them, make bricks out of cow dung and up-cycling skills.
Throughout these learning experiences, I learned a lot about myself a lot which I appreciate a lot. I learned that I am more capable person than I thought I am.
Also, I learned a lot about the place Bihar. To be honest, I had stereotypes on the place but interaction with people from their, looking at the town and environment, my stereotypes all disappeared."

United World College Coordinator

My week at the Centre of Resilience was a learning experience I would not have found anywhere else. From the hard physical work we did as a group to the amazing reflection session we had in Ganga River, everything fell into place perfectly and as a coordinator for this project, I felt as if the Learning Outcomes for this project week were achieved from the reflection sessions we’ve had.
From team building to stress management, the soft skills we learned during our time there were valuable.
The Centre of Resilience shines light on social issues in Bihar that the media lacks to cover, which makes it a great deal for us all to contribute as well to this mission. The hospitality we’ve received here from Prashant and his family was immeasurable, and I’ll be sure to come pay a visit after summer to see the progress made over the pass few months.

We’ve only just built this Centre. In fact, we’re still building. 

We are volunteers, local workers and community. 

We’re entirely independent and community-funded.

As a centre, we’re in our first years of existing. 


But the impact of our work is growing.

We believe in the power of grassroots, community-led direct action to bring about resilience and regeneration.

Read OUR STORY to find out more.

See our 2022

Annual Report

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Emergency Relief Work

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